Cybercrime Thrillers Coming

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

In November 2020 I will be self-publishing the first novel in a cybercrime thriller series titled RISE TO POWER. This series I am calling the "power" series as every title will end with the word "power."

This series is unique in that the main protagonist, along with helpers, pursues one international cybercrime ring. This ring is the most insidious the world has ever seen. It is funded by an eccentric billionaire. He has above-the-table businesses that make him his money; but the also has a below-the-table operation of cybercriminals who are worldwide. It will take the entire series for the cyber detective, Edward Carrington, to bring down the billionaire's empire, part by part.

I will add more posts and information on this site as we get closer to the launch. I self-publish on Amazon only. Anything else isn't worth it. And neither is traditional publishing. It has some advantages for authors, but not many in my mind. I have never even thought of pursuing my career through traditional publishing. Even though Amazon is a behemoth, it doesn't control its authors, so that's for me.

After a year or so I plan to launch a second cybercrime thriller series too. But one thing at a time.