About Me


Thank you for visiting my site and your interest in my writing. I self-published a few titles on Amazon some year ago, but never felt truly fulfilled with the content of what I wrote. I then switched to crime, and particularly cybercrime, and have loved it ever since. It has taken many years to be knowledgable of the cyber world, which I am constantly developing, including pursuing a cybercrime degree starting in 2021. But I am finally ready to launch my first cybercrime thriller series on Amazon in autumn 2020.

This site will be updated more frequently as we get closer to the launch date. I will have email marketing set up before then too, which you should definitely sign up for since I will be giving those on my email list a discount on my books, plus some other goodies too. Also, please check out the Facebook group I moderate called Cybercrime Fiction. Since art reflects nature, you're only going to see more fiction with cybercrime in it. Check me out on Goodreads too.

I self-publish because I don't want corporate America to control me. I'm happy that an author can make a go of a writing career with Amazon. Of course, you have to feed that corporate beast too, but at least have you more control of your content.


Thanks again. Be sure to know when a new book is out by signing up for my email updates. I hope you enjoy my work!